Lent / Easter Special Events and Pilgrimages

Mass in Milton Manor House

Date for 2017: Saturday 11th February, Mass is at 11:30am. 
Mass will be accompanied with chant by the Schola Abelis.

Milton Manor is between Didcot and Abingdon, near the A34; the entrance to the house is off Milton Village's High Street. Postcode OX14 4EN. Click for a map.

High Mass at Milton Manor for the 250th anniversary.
Milton Manor is one of the historic Catholic houses where the Mass was said and the Faith preserved through the dark days of 'penal times'. The chapel at Milton Manor celebrated its 250 anniversary in 2015, which we marked with a particularly splendid High Mass.

The chapel was consecrated by Bishop Richard Challoner, and celebrants at LMS Masses often use Challoner's vestments, and always his his altar cards and chalice.


Annual LMS Pilgrimage to 
Our Lady of Caversham

Date for 2017: Saturday 11th March, Ember Saturday of Lent, 11:30am. 
Mass will be accompanied with chant by the Schola Abelis.

The church is located at 2 South View Avenue, Reading RG4 5AB: click for a map.

The LMS Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Caversham usually coincides with the Ember Saturday of Lent. It is rare for the liturgy of any of the four Ember Saturdays to be celebrated with full solemnity, and that is what we do: High Mass with all the readings (there is also a 'short form' option).

There are five Prophecies (Old Testament readings), followed by the usual Epistle and Gospel. Each Prophecy is followed by a Gradual chant, except one which is followed by the wonderful Song of the Three Young Men from the Book of Daniel.

The Shrine chapel, where we had Missa Cantata in the earlier years of the LMS Pilgrimage.
Caversham is over the river Thames from Reading, and forms the southernmost tip of the Archdiocese of Birmingham. This the diocese's official Marian shrine, the restoration of a very ancient and prestigious medieval shrine, visited by many Kings and Queens of England including Catherine of Aragon, and dating probably from before the Norman Conquest. The restored shrine was consecrated in 1958, and the fine shrine image, a medieval Madonna and Child from northern Europe, was crowned by Papal mandate in 1996. (More on the shrine here.)

High Mass at the High Altar in 2015

Easter Monday & Ascension 
in St Birinus, Dorchester

In 2017 Easter Monday falls on 17th April. High Mass is at 10.00am

The Feast of the Ascension falls on 25th May: High Mass at 7:30pm 

The church is located on Bridge End Street, Dorchester, OX10 7JR Click for a map


St Birinus' Church is stunning, one of the very few Catholic churches with a Rood Screen, lending an extra dimension to celebrations of the Traditional Mass. The church was built in the 1850s by architect William Wardell, a follower of Pugin, and has in recent years undergone extensive restoration and embellishment.